Lenzburg im Aargau (CH)

Brasserie Barracuda in Lenzburg - indulgence for all the senses


In our Brasserie Barracuda in Lenzburg, we're delighted to offer you an enticing selection of dishes from Monday to Friday, both at lunchtime and in the evening. Led by our experienced head chef, Cyrille Anizan, our French cuisine, along with the entire team, promises an exceptional dining experience – conveniently located just a short walk from Lenzburg train station.

A place to feel good and enjoy
The unique ambiance of the Aargau location, stylish interior, extensive bar, hotel rooms, event spaces, and seminar room make Barracuda a comprehensive destination. We provide ample space for family gatherings or corporate events and are more than happy to address any queries regarding your event. Additionally, you can expect a diverse range of beverages, aperitifs, and snacks to tailor your visit. We take pride in our selection of fine wines and creative cocktails. 
Zusätzlich erwartet Sie eine vielfältige Auswahl an Getränken, Aperitifs und Snacks, um Ihren Aufenthalt individuell zu gestalten. Wir legen besonderen Wert auf auserlesene Weine und kreative Kombinationen im Cocktailbereich.

You are also welcome to contact us directly for a table or hotel reservation via
• +41 62 888 00 10
• info@barracuda.ch

current special

Knusprige Entenbrust

Knusprige Entenbrust: Himbeer – Relish | Pilze | Rosmarin Kartoffelküchlein

Momentan ausverkauft: «Moules et frites» vorbestellen – 48 Stunden im Voraus unter +41 62 888 00 10 oder online bei der Tischreservation vermerken: *Anzahl der gewünschten Vorbestellungen von  «Moules et frites»* und somit das kulinarische Highlight sichern.
Preis CHF 36.50


social engagement

The Barracuda is part of TRINAMO AG based in Aarau. This social enterprise enables individuals with reduced work capacity to achieve sustainable integration into the job market and society. We provide sheltered employment in various businesses and workshops in the Aargau region. The professional and social skills of participants (from unemployment agencies, disability insurance, and social welfare) are personally and professionally developed.